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Tekrob duyuru

Tekrob da yeni bir iş alanı: „Tesis taşınması“

Bizlerin yeni iş yelpazemizde
"Robot ve otomasyon tesislerinin 1:1 Tesis taşınması"
yer almaktadır ve değerli müşterilerimize sunulmaktadır.

Hannover Messe 2015

Güçlü ziyaretçi ve son derece memnun işletme yönetimi ...
Daha fazlasını...

RTL Haberlerinde Tekrob

çmenlerin ekonomik önemi RTL kanalında haber konusu oldu.

Daha fazlasını için...

Hannover Messe 2014:

Hannover 2014 fuarindayiz! Fuar ile ilgili bütün bilgiler buradan

Konusma Cengiz Öztok 2013:

Sayin Cengiz Öztok Tekrob GmbH hakkinda konusma yapiyor! Daha fazla bilgi için

Yeni Ürün: RFID

Tekrob GmbH ürün yelpazesini genisletiyor! Otomatik depolama için Tekrob GmbH RFID sistemi size güvenli bir çözüm önerisi sunar. Daha fazla bilgi için

Türkiye`deki yeni yerimiz

Tekrob GmbH 01.01.2013 tarihinden beri Türkiye`deki yeni yerinde. daha fazla bilgi için Daha fazla bilgi için

Meksika`daki yeni yerimiz

Puebla Meksika`da Tekrob GmbH yeni yerini kuruyor daha fazla bilgi için  Daha fazla bilgi için

Tekrob Editör

VKR, VFANUC, ABB Robot arsivlerinin(VW standartina göre KUKA robot arsivi) düzenlenmesi veya gelistirilmesi için programci destek araci (Tool).

Buradaki linkten Tool demo versiyonunu indirebilirsiniz.

Tekrob VKRC + Fanuc Editör Manual


With Tekrob VKRC + Fanuc Editor you can edit Kuka roboter-archives of VW-norm. Actual TPVW_Version is 5.4.13 (Vkrc2). The older version 3.4.0 and the latest TPVW_Version 8.1.7 of Vkrc4 is also supported, but development is still ongoing so minor changings must be expected. Simultanous editing of several archives is possible.

The number and layout of move and sps-commands is based on OfficeLite 5.4.0L.


Editor with two archives and one source-file without archive

The '.dat'-files belonging to 'Folgen' and 'Ups' are also updated. When opening files a tree of their internal structure is created, this is the reason why cut, copy, delete effects on the associated lines of mov-commands. You can see this effect in this way: Place the cursor anywhere to a mov-command, press Ctrl-x: This will cut the mov-command with all its sps-commands. The associated coordinates will also be removed from the coordinates-list below. Pressing Ctrl-v inserts the mov-command complete with its sps-commands and coordinates.


Important Note

Execute "Inbetriebnahme->Service->Manuelles Upgrade" to use external editet sources at the roboter. This ensures that the Syntax is checked bevore the roboter tries to run the script.


Open Archieves

Ansicht des Archivinhalts
Tree-view of the archive

Execute 'Datei->Archiv entpacken' or use drag-and-drop to unzip an archive. Unpacked archives will be located at C:\Tekrob_TMP\VKRC_TMP. If an archive with the same name was already expanded a message box pops up. Simultanous editing is limited to 10 archives. Descriptions of the IO-ports are read from the file '\C\KRC\Data\kuka_con.mdb'. Together with the comments of makros and ups they are displayed at the tree in the pane on the bottom-left side. The top-left window shows the files and folders created when opening a roboter archive. Execute "Nur .src anzeigen" of the context menu to hide all files not ending with ".src". Files are opened by double click. Saving the archive overwrites the existing *.zip- file.


Creating New Files

Use the 'Datei->Neu' command to create new 'Folgen', 'Ups' and 'Makros'. The created files are inserted at the matching folders if the command is executed at an open archive, otherwise they are located at a folder you can specify.


Neue Datei erstellen

Creating new files


Editing of Archives

Use the 'Datei->Öffnen(Archiv)' command to edit within archives which are alread unpacked. The location of their zip-files will be unknown, so the 'Speichern Unter' dialog will be displayed to enter a filename for the created *.zip-file.


Editing files without archiv

Informations on a file without archiv

Use the 'Datei->Öffnen(Datei)' command to edit files withoout archiv. All files without archiv will be displayed together in a window with the text 'Dateien ohne Archiv' at the title bar. In order to make the editing more easily you can select the IO-Port descriptions ('kuka_con.mdb', or 'SymName.txt') and the user-ini files ('vw_user.ini', 'VW_USR_R_MAKRO.ini', 'VW_USR_S_Makro.ini') seperately. Drag and drop is also supported to open files.


Use of flexible Window Settings

Second editor pane active

Use the commands 'Fenster->Überlappend, ->Nebeneinander, ->Untereinander' to place the windows by your own request. With the command 'Ansicht->Zweiter Editor' you can edit two files of the same archive.


Opening of Files with Extern Applications

Use the command 'Extern öffnen' at the context menu of the tree on the left to open a file with its standard editor or use 'Extern öffnen mit' to select another application.


Duplicating Files

Use the context menu 'Duplizieren' at the tree on the upper left to create copies of 'Folgen', 'Makros' and 'Ups'. The dialog is used to enter a new number of the file. These numbers are used for the filename and the lines starting with 'DEFFCT INT MAKRO', 'DEF UP', 'DEFDAT UP', 'DEFDAT FOLGE', 'DEF FOLGE'.


Dateien außerhalb des Archivs speichern

Mit "Speichern unter (Datei)" können Sie Dateien außerhalb eines Archivs speichern. Bei Folgen/Ups/Makros wird geprüft ob der Dateiname gültig ist und die DEF-Zeile angepasst.
Weil diese Datei dann nicht mehr zu einem Archiv gehört wird sie auch nicht im aktiven Archiv-Fenster geöffnet sondern in einem Fenster für alle Dateien ohne Archiv.


Editing Lines

Move lines (PTP, LIN, CIR, KLIN, KCIR, LIN SUCHEN, move comment, move jump, move label) and sps lines can be edited dirctly with keyboard.

A new line, edited with keyboard

Parsing, check of limitations, translation and formatted output is executed as soon as you navigate to another line or execute 'Bearbeiten->Alles Übersetzen' whereas at editing only sps lines the actual move section is translated (for the reason of optimation).

New line, parsed and translated

It is not needed to use upper case when editing IO-ports
(e.g. 'a858 = ein' is alos valid and will be translated to 'A858 = EIN')

To select complete rows you can click to the line numbers on the left.


Editing Mov Lines

Move dialog

With a double click on move lines (PTP, LIN, CIR, KLIN, KCIR, LIN SUCHEN) this dialog is displayed. In this dialog it is possible to select another mov type and to change the move paramters. Warning: When switching from PTP, LIN, KLIN to CIR, KCIR the coordinates of the first point are copied. When switching form CIR, KCIR to PTP, LIN, KLIN the target point is deleted.


Checking The Tool

There is an extra check of the used tools ("Wzg="). A warning is displayed as soon as the number of used tools is changing. Are there different tools used in an up/folge there will also warnings displayed when the order of the used tools has changed or if you are adding new movements.


Editing VW-User Lines

VW_User Dialog

You can use a dialog to edit VW-User lines. A double-click at user lines is opening the dialog. The dialog is filled with the options defined at 'vw_user.ini'. Therefore you should prefer editing by dialog for this guarantees the correct usage of options and parameters.


Edit, Copy and Paste Coordinates

Edit coordinates

At Folgen and UPs the coordinates to the mov commands are displayed at the list below the source code. There is always the list row selected which belongs to the move section of the cursor position at the editor. Use the commands of the context menu 'Daten ändern' to open a dialog, 'Daten kopieren' to copy the data to the applications clipboard and 'Daten ersetzen' to replace the current data by the coordinates of the clipboard. It is impossible to create new coordinates by the dialog. Coordinates are created when inserting mov lines at the editor, whereas at copy and paste the coordinates are picked up where the mov line was copied but when inserting new mov lines the coordinates of the move command before the insert position are copied.


Creating new Lines


Use the toolbox to insert the most important move and sps lines. (Activated by 'Ansicht->Toolbox') The whole set of commands you'll find at the 'Befehle' menu. The lines are normally inserted below the current cursor position, whereas there are different rules for move and sps lines. New move lines are inserted after the sps lines of the current mov section. Sps lines are inserted by this rule:

There is taken account of 7 different rankings additional to the current cursor position. This means:

New sps lines are inserted after the current cursor position if there is no sps line or one with the same ranking.
If the ranking of the new sps line is different to the current one the new sps line is moved forward or backward until there is no other sps line in front respectively behind it with lower or higher ranking.


Creating new Sps lines with keyboard

You can insert new sps rows anywhere you create an empty row. When you leave this row, the sps row will be parsed and moved to the position reagarding its ranking.


Using Sps-Modules

While needing to use many Sps-sequences repeatedly there is the possiblity to use "Sps-Modules" instead of entering the same single Sps-commands. Therefore the file "SpsBausteine.txt" exists at the software folder. (This file is for example use only) In this file you can provide your most used Sps-modules. The text within brackets [...] will be listed at the Sps-Modules menu. Using these modules will fasten and simplify your work. You can also switch between several files executing "Extras->Sps-Modules->Change source". Execute "Extras->Sps-Modules->Edit modules" to edit the Sps-Modules. Changings will not be visible until you restart the editor or select the file again using "Change source".


Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete

There is no need to select mov lines for copy or delete. You can easily use 'Bearbeiten->Kopieren' or press Ctrl+C to copy the mov line of the current cursor position. All additional sps lines and coordinates will be copied as well.

The list of the copied move lines, displayed after copy or cut commands

If there is no move line within the selection it will be treated as normal text. Inserted sps lines are highlighted if possible.
The same rules are used for delete and cut.


Search, Replace

Suchen und Ersetzen
Search dialog

Execute 'Bearbeiten->Suchen' to seach or replace text. Searching in Folgen, UPs und Makros is optional. Results are listed at the search dialog, double click will open the file and the search results will be highlighted. Pressing 'Ersetzen' will replace the displayed result and show the next search result of the list.
Press 'Alle ersetzen' button to replace all search results.


Kontext Search

If you execute the "Suchen"-command of the context menu at the editor, the search dialog is opening showing all occurences of the expressen at the cursor position.


Machine data (MADA)

Machine data

Execute 'Ansicht->Mada' to open a viewer of the most important machine data of the roboter. The view is divided into 'Mada', 'Zange', 'Tool', 'Bin', 'Ext', 'Soft->End', 'Base', 'Kalibrierung', 'Interbus'.


Changing Font

With 'Extras->Editor->Schriftart' you can change the font of all editors.


Changing Edit Mode

If you don't want your amendments to be translated after every line change you can set 'Extras->Editor->Sofort übersetzen' to off. In this case the editor will only translate if you execute 'Alles übersetzen' or when you are saving the file. This may be more comfortable for experts.



Longtexts, in the tree on the bottom left and as hint at the editor


When opening an archive the longtexts are extracted from the file '\C\KRC\Data\kuka_con.mdb' and displayed at the window at the bottom left. At version 'Vkrc4' the file 'Kuka_con.mdb' doesn't exist, so longtexts must be exported to a textfile to be available at the editor. With the command 'Extras->Ursprung für Langtexte' it is possible to select a different source like 'SymName.txt'. Longtexts should have the format <E/A-Typ><E/A Number>.


Execute 'Extras->E1-Kalibrierung' to change the E1 values of of a 'Folge', 'Up' or a whole archiv. The value you write to the 'E1-Differenz' control will be added to the values called 'E1' of the coordinates.



With 'Datei->Word-Export' you can create documentations roboter archives. At the dialog displayed when starting export you are asked for the additional data 'Anlage', 'Station', 'Funktion', 'Export Ersteller' (creater of the export). Minimum requirement for export is Microsoft Word 97. The exported data will be appended to the file (i.E. front page) you have specified at the dialog.

Export Dialog

Export dialog



You nee a licence (*.lic) file to be able to use Tekrob VKRC + Fanuc Editor without limitation of runtime or functionality. To aquire a licence file you should execute 'Extras->Lizenzdaten', press 'Kopieren' at the 'Lizenzdaten' dialog to copy the licencedata to the clipboard and send it by mail to Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir. . We will generate the licence file with this data which you can activate by executing 'Extras->Lizenzdatei wählen'.


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