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Tekrob News

New Responsibility: Relocation

The Tekrob GmbH now takes care of the dismantling, transport and reconstruction of equipment...

Hannover Messe 2015

High number of visitors and very satisfied management...


Every year...

 Also this year takes Tekrob GmbH part in the Hannover Messe.

Tekrob Editor goes ABB

The tekrob editor is now also supporting ABB files...

Tekrob at the Hannover Messe 2013:

Visit us at the world's premier industrial technology showcase! more...

 Presentation by Cengiz Öztok at "Hannover Messe 2013"

The “Hannover Messe” asked if Tekrob GmbH can hold a unit on the “Hannover Messe”. This we accepted gratefully, and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do. We look forward to welcoming you as a listener! more...

Tekrob has a new product

The product range of Tekrob GmbH has expanded! The Tekrob RFID system provides a reliable solution for automated inventory management. more...

New location in Turkey: Tekrob A. Ş.

Tekrob has a new location in Turkey since 01.01.2013. more...

New location in México: Tekrob S.A. de C.V.

Since the beginning of this year, the Tekrob GmbH establishes it's third location. more...

Tekrob Editor

Tool that helps the programers developing or editing VKRC, VFANUC and ABB robot backups.

Download a demo version without subscription!

Order your trial of the full version now!

New Responsibilities: Relocation

We are pleased to offer in addition to the standard range of services for customized solutions area of:

  •     Automation
  •     Robot Programming
  •     PLC programming
  •     Simulation of the off-line programming (OLP virtual commissioning)
  •     Design and construction of special machines and automation systems

Our new range of tasks:

            Relocation of industrial robotics and automation technology

Again and again, entrepreneurs face the problem that their production site has become too small and therefore have to be restructured and parts have to be moved away.
The Tekrob GmbH has recognized this and offers now also specially designed solutions.
Our principle: Everything from one source

  •     Dismantling the plant (plant, machinery, equipment, tools, etc.)
  •     Transportation
  •     Reassembly
  •     Renovation and adaptation works
  •     Maintenance and repair work
  •     Expansion of the system
  •     Recommissioning / trial operation
  •     Connection of supply and disposal lines, electrification, compressed air
  •     Road management (electricity, air)
  •     Moving conveyors

We ensure that operational disturbances are reduced to a minimum.
If interested in our services please view the links above to the various product areas.

Robi attracts crowds to the booth

Over and over again there were clusters of people who wanted to stick with the smartphone Robi's dances in a picture.

Daily also high-profile guests gathered at the booth who wanted to use the opportunity to get to know non-binding.
But also concrete questions about automation and robotics or the editor for VKRC, FANUC and ABB, developed at Tekrob, were discussed.
Perhaps this also laid the foundation for the one or other major project...
Also present was Mr. stock by the company InPro electric GmbH from Wolfsburg, Prof. Dr.-Ing Beisheim from the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Mr. Dipl. Ing. Nagel from the company Schunk and some men from the Volkswagen AG Salzgitter plant.

Last but not least, of course, were the leaders of the IHK Heilbronn-Franken to visit on the booth of the TEKROB GmbH, including Prof. Dr. Dr. H. C. Harald Unkelbach, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Elke Döring, General Manager and Dr. Helmut Kessler, deputy general manager.



Impressions of the Hannover Messe 2012

Here are some pictures of the Tekrob GmbH fair stand on the Hannover Messe 2012:


Article Heilbronner Stimme vom 04.05.2012


Wenn aus Kontakten Geschäfte werden

Tekrob Editor goes FANUC!

The Tekrob VKRC editor is now expanded to a VKRC+VFANUC editor



Some of the VFANUC-options:

  • Copy, delete, cut, paste of movements with the associated PLC- lines and coordinates.
  • Undo-Redo function.
  • Versatile search function.
  • Display of long texts with search function.
  • Dialog for editing of user-lines as defined in ARGNAME.DT.
  • Correction of motion coordinates for other frame / tool- numbers including adjustment of the UTOOL_NUM and UFRAME_NUM lines.
  • Conversion of the handling ON/OFF coordinates 

Aim is to provide the proven user control from VKRC editor for VFANUC and to obtain two editors in one application with the same ease.

New location in Turkey: Tekrob A.Ş.

TekrobASTurkey has a tremendous growth in the last ten years promising sustainability. In this process, the demand in the area of robotics has increased significantly. The Tekrob GmbH has therefore decided to open an office in the Turkey.