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Tekrob News

New Responsibility: Relocation

The Tekrob GmbH now takes care of the dismantling, transport and reconstruction of equipment...

Hannover Messe 2015

High number of visitors and very satisfied management...


Every year...

 Also this year takes Tekrob GmbH part in the Hannover Messe.

Tekrob Editor goes ABB

The tekrob editor is now also supporting ABB files...

Tekrob at the Hannover Messe 2013:

Visit us at the world's premier industrial technology showcase! more...

 Presentation by Cengiz Öztok at "Hannover Messe 2013"

The “Hannover Messe” asked if Tekrob GmbH can hold a unit on the “Hannover Messe”. This we accepted gratefully, and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do. We look forward to welcoming you as a listener! more...

Tekrob has a new product

The product range of Tekrob GmbH has expanded! The Tekrob RFID system provides a reliable solution for automated inventory management. more...

New location in Turkey: Tekrob A. Ş.

Tekrob has a new location in Turkey since 01.01.2013. more...

New location in México: Tekrob S.A. de C.V.

Since the beginning of this year, the Tekrob GmbH establishes it's third location. more...

Tekrob Editor

Tool that helps the programers developing or editing VKRC, VFANUC and ABB robot backups.

Download a demo version without subscription!

Order your trial of the full version now!

The management


Baris Tekdogan

Baris Tekdogan

Baris Tekdogan has a successful career, and his history is unparalleled: after serving as an Electrical Engineer in Turkey, specifically in the area of electronics and automation, he moved to Germany a decade. There he worked for four years as a programmer of robots initially, in an engineering company in Heilbronn.

The profession became his vocation: "For me it was clear, I wanted to start in this area and then start my own business, with passion, ambition, and the right portion of trust in me, I realized that this was my dream ". Soon, global corporations gave him confidence. His recipe for success: for customer is important, that the system in place work, efficiently and without delay. TEKROB GmbH is one of the first companies to offer their virtually plants"This minimizes the cost and risk to the customer," says Baris Tekdogan. From the beginning, he is continually investing in high quality equipment and qualified personnel. "We provide our customers a high level of responsibility," the founder of the TEKROB GmbH is aware of it from the beginning.



Cengiz Öztok

Cengiz Öztok

General Manager Cengiz Öztok is responsible for the conceptual structuring of all operational processes. With his many years of experience as a business and factory leader of world-wide operating companies he advises aspiring TEKROB GmbH in all aspects in personnel and marketing things.

The expertise of Cengiz Öztok has already been proven: under his leadership a reputable company was elected by TOP JOB as the best employers in the middle class and placed in the category of "Leadership and vision" within the top five. The former member of the Economic-Juniors Heilbronn-Franken wants to develop not only the business activities of TEKROB GmbH, but also the already existing network of far-reaching cooperations. His intensive contacts to the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and other sectors of the economy provide ideal conditions for this. "I see the potential of our company. From the beginning I was impressed by courage, the hard work and commitment of the founder Baris Tekdogan ", so the managing director.



Ugur Karaoglan

Ugur Karaoglan

Since the establishment of Tekrob GmbH Ugur Karaoglan is one of the managing directors of the company. As a certified technician with specialising in control engineering and process automation as well as with additional qualification as a master of electrical engineering, Ugur Karaoglan is responsible for project management and customer service at TEKROB GmbH. He already gained experience in these areas during his career in the automotive industry and as a branch manager for a major electric company in Neckarsulm, Germany.

His goal: "Establish TEKROB GmbH and make it a global brand! We offer a wide range of services and we have the necessary know-how. The development of the industry is very positive. The use of robots is becoming more accurate and therefore more reliable."


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