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Tekrob News

New Responsibility: Relocation

The Tekrob GmbH now takes care of the dismantling, transport and reconstruction of equipment...

Hannover Messe 2015

High number of visitors and very satisfied management...


Every year...

 Also this year takes Tekrob GmbH part in the Hannover Messe.

Tekrob Editor goes ABB

The tekrob editor is now also supporting ABB files...

Tekrob at the Hannover Messe 2013:

Visit us at the world's premier industrial technology showcase! more...

 Presentation by Cengiz Öztok at "Hannover Messe 2013"

The “Hannover Messe” asked if Tekrob GmbH can hold a unit on the “Hannover Messe”. This we accepted gratefully, and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do. We look forward to welcoming you as a listener! more...

Tekrob has a new product

The product range of Tekrob GmbH has expanded! The Tekrob RFID system provides a reliable solution for automated inventory management. more...

New location in Turkey: Tekrob A. Ş.

Tekrob has a new location in Turkey since 01.01.2013. more...

New location in México: Tekrob S.A. de C.V.

Since the beginning of this year, the Tekrob GmbH establishes it's third location. more...

Tekrob Editor

Tool that helps the programers developing or editing VKRC, VFANUC and ABB robot backups.

Download a demo version without subscription!

Order your trial of the full version now!

Travelling on the production line

Tekrob RFID System

Automation Rack SystemThe abreviation RFID stands for "Radio Frequency IDentification".

The Tekrob RFID system consists of transponders, write/ read heads (for automated processes), handhelds, and a software optimized for the operation. The reading and writing of digital data is carried out by an electromagnetic field, which serves the chip as a power source and at the same time as the transmission medium. The data exchange takes place without any contact. The procedure clearly stands out from other comparable techniques by the resistance to environmental influences and fast delivery.

Tekrob RFID systems can make transparent inventory management and thus optimize. With the versatile memory chips you keep the quality of your products and the efficiency of your company always in mind.

The Tekrob RFID Software prevents from unwanted manipulation of data and protects against transmission errors. The software can be integrated into existing ERP systems and thus integrates into your existing business process.


Online Programing

Automation Rack SystemThe online program allows specialized implementation of flexible solutions and collaboration of specialists in the automation of industrial robots. The efficiency of production lines, practices, planning and development online IR and PLC programming (industrial robots and programmable logic controllers) for the following manufacturers robots:

  • KUKA (control KR. C1. KRC2, VKRC1, VKRC2, VKRC4)
  • ABB
  • S4
  • IRC5
  • Staubli
  • Motoman
  • others on request

Robot Applictions

Our portfolio includes a wide range of technologies and application of robots including arc welding (MIG MAG V), stud welding, laser welding, riveting, hold, stick (glue as SCA, FED) flare V folding and systems for online measurement and manual applications.


Simulation / Offline programming (OLP) with Robcad and process simulation

  • OfflinePortal
  • OfflineRoboter

We design, simulate and program (OLP) with Robcad and verify our robot programming process before placing them in 3D.

Thus we can optimize the process a few times in advance and thus make reliable decisions during production, this significantly reduces not only the capital invested but also the planning, installation time is reduced to a minimum.

Through simulation and virtual service, guarantee the production process of high quality, optimum manufacturing process and the extreme reduction of production costs.                           

Watch Video


BUS systems

As experts in advanced automation our specialty is in the area of the different bus systems course: with INTERBUS, PROFIBUS and PROFINET connect with all elements of the system with established controls.                           


TEKROB VKRC + VFANUC Editor - The user opimized alternative

Automation Rack System Save time and personnel during the processing of robot archives (KUKA and FANUC robot archives according to VW standard). With our powerful TEKROB editor you can enter complex PLC commands to robot programs on the PC which are immediately checked, translated and formatted. It is possible to edit several archives at the same time. Clear representations and flexible window settings make programming and editing comfortable and efficient.
Read more about the TEKROB Editor

Special facilities construction

Our strength lies in the construction of facilities and in the field of special equipment to measure, from the first concept, through planning and designing to put into service, we ensure maximum optimization of processes with minimal time cycles. A successful robots example are our 7-axis gantry, rack system designed and developed for automation: 20 meters long, 4 meters wide and 6 meters high, this plant is special and is integrated into existing production systems.

As a conveyor belt may transport bodies and automotive parts for ten different models simultaneously and automatically store them through standardized robot controller for the manufacturing process as necessary. The assembly in the loading and unloading are fully automated. Besides the high production flexibility and continuous availability of production requirements, this system offers the possibility of storage space as well as an optimized processing time through the complete automation of various operations. This system made especially by us, is the only industrial robot in the world with a simultaneous availability load of 1500 kilos up to 7 meters high.



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